What to do after a car accident in New York

A car accident can be devastating, both personally and financially. You may be wondering what to do after an accident. It may not be easy to know what to do during this time. Nevertheless, the things you say and do in the events following the accident can have an great impact on the ability to get reimbursement for your injuries. You may face severe injuries after a car accident. Emotions always run high, and you should take care not to take the blame. Be careful about what you say to the other party because they can use it as evidence in a personal injury case. Most of the people do not have sufficient money to address severe injuries.

Here are some tips on what to do after being involved in an accident in New York:

Get medical assistance if needed

In case of serious injuries at the accident scene, call emergency number 9-1-1. Take care of yourself and others who need assistance until help arrives. Do not try to conduct any first aid that you are not qualified for. During this time, do not move any unconscious person unless it’s necessary to save their life. 

Schedule a visit with a doctor, even if you were lucky enough to walk away without getting any injuries. Some tests will be conducted to make sure you are completely okay. It is better to find and treat any accident condition sooner than later. Let your doctor know if you experience any rare signs several days after the accident.

Gather then preserve all of the evidence

The actions you take minutes after the accident can be essential for developing your injury case. The accident scene is the best time to access the evidence needed to build your case. Accident scenes are always fluid. Cars will be towed away, and people involved in an accident will be gone.  

It can be helpful to take pictures of the accident scene, such as roadway conditions, damage to the vehicles, or other damages. Try and get the contact information of any witness present at the scene. Write down all the important information after the accident, such as traffic at that time, and reflect on the accident’s occurrence.

Take pictures before moving the car to the side of the road, if you feel it’s the safe thing to do. To support compensation claims, gather evidence of the driver’s fault and your damage.

Call the NYPD and get a police report

Police officers are trained in investigating crash scenes. The NYPD have several essential functions to perform at the accident scene. Any accident that involves personal injury, the police should be called immediately. 

Give the police your statement about all that happened from your point of view. Acquire a print of the police statement if you were unable to provide a statement at the accident scene. Provide supplementary accident information if you think the police report is inaccurate. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in getting a copy and correcting any misinformation.

Call your insurance carrier to report the accident 

Report the accident to your insurance company immediately. The company then initiates an investigation, and the claim adjuster will contact you. The insurance company can refuse to cover the claim if you do not call and notify them immediately.

Ask for a no-fault insurance form to cover your medical bills and the cost of vehicle repair. Get estimation on the cost of repair from an authorized car dealer that handles your vehicle. This will give you the right to seek compensation for expenses and lost wages.

File an accident report with NY DMV

You are obligated by regulation to file a form MV-104, statement of a motor vehicle with New York Motor Vehicles division. This form can be generated online. This report will help the police and insurance companies in their investigation.

Contact an experienced car accident attorney

The sooner you get a personal injury attorney, the sooner the lawyer will get to work on your lawsuit. It is fundamental to collect substantial proof while still new from the accident scene. This will help the attorney represent you accurately due to sufficient evidence. New York personal injury attorneys can represent you effectively in an injury case.

The insurance company may want to settle your payment quickly shortly after the accident. The sum offered might not cover all the damages and maybe meaningfully less, and your lawsuit is worthy. Call your lawyer before talking to the insurance company or accepting the money. The attorney will advise and assist you in protecting your rights. They will advise how to avoid any mistakes that can jeopardize your case.

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Consider filing a small claim court complaint

If you had an unsuccessful settlement in your injury claim, you should consider filing a complaint in small claim courts in New York. The rules of evidence are relaxed in small claims court. No worries involved in witness cross-examination, legal jargon, or following strict rules apply to lawyers in high courts. 

Small claims court judges always hear both sides as they review evidence that both sides may present. Small claims filed in city courts may not exceed $6,000 in New York. Reasons for filing a small claim suit might be due to the driver at fault was not insured. The insurance company refuses to provide a fair amount of settlement.

Understand the Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents in the State of New York

New York’s Statute of limitations applies whether you are handling your injury or getting a lawyer. Statute of limitations refers to the time when you either file a complaint or settle your injury claim. You might lose your legal rights to pursue your compensation from the insurance company of the driver at fault if the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations starts at the date of the accident in all the cases about personal injury in New York.

New York State Car Accident Steps: Getting it Right

After understanding what you are required to do after a car accident in New York, you will be able to follow the guidelines. This will help you get a personal injury lawyer in case you or someone close to you gets in an accident. To stay silent while you can help yourself and others get rights of compensation. It is never late to save a life by getting a personal injury attorney in case of an accident.