I’ve been an NY resident for close to a year now and so I thought I’d start a blog going over some essentials about living in The Big Apple. My first article on what to do after a car accident was actually because only 2 weeks after living in New York, I got into an accident and had to learn the hard way on what to do/not do. I thought I’d make a positive out of my experience jotting down all my thoughts and where better to do it than on my very own brand new and shiny blizzog!

So anyway, I’m 22 years old, an aspiring actor, out of work waitress and potential next multi millionaire blogger? That’s for you to decide. 😉 I’m from the midwest and it’s always been my dream to move to NYC. I love exploring the city, there’s so much to see. When I first moved here it was all about Manhattan and exploring the neighborhoods and history of Manhattan, but now I’m expanding my horizons a little and have started exploring Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx as well!

If you’d like to get in touch with me for a collab or just to tell me how amazing I am, you can do so by hitting the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!